Welcome to the site.  Over the past few years I have cobbled together a collection of literature pertaining to the BSA Bantam motorcycle.  I intend to use this site to make this information freely available for enthusiasts to use, rather than being ripped off by some bandit selling a bad photocopy for an extortionate fee.  It is my understanding, that since BSA is no longer in existance, the material stored here is clearly out of copyright.  Whilst you may download this for free, please do not attempt to sell on the material, apart from any technical legalities, it is dishonest at best.

Instruction Manuals (all models)

Wiring Diagrams (all models)

Workshop manual (D14 only)

Parts Manuals (all models)

History page (all models)

Service Sheets (D1, D3, D5 & D7 models)