Plate 17

Rear Mudguard, Dual Seat, Toolbox, Chainguard and Rectifier Cover

150c.c. Swinging Arm
Plate Ref. Number.ModelsPart No.DescriptionNumber per set
1150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5103Silencer stud nut1
2150c.c. Swinging Arm35-33Silencer stud spring washer1
3150c.c. Swinging Arm2-2138Silencer stud washer (plain)1
4150c.c. Swinging Arm90-3053Fishtail1
5150c.c. Swinging Arm90-3059Sealing ring1
6150c.c. Swinging Arm90-3081Silencer baffle assembly1
7150c.c. Swinging Arm28-2338Twin seat front support bolt2
8150c.c. Swinging Arm15-645Twin seat front support pin bolt1
9150c.c. Swinging Arm42-9060Twin seat front support pin1
10150c.c. Swinging Arm90-9162Twin seat front support bracket1
11150c.c. Swinging Arm67-8313Twin seat support bolt2
12150c.c. Swinging Arm90-9164Twin seat support rubber2
13150c.c. Swinging Arm90-9193Twin seat complete with brackets and fixings1
14150c.c. Swinging Arm67-9072Rear number plate reflector and mounting2
15150c.c. Swinging Arm29-541Rear number plate reflector washer (shakeproof)1
17150c.c. Swinging Arm90-6854Rear number plate complete1
18150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5102Rear number plate reflector nut1
19150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5611Rear number plate fixing bolt2
20150c.c. Swinging Arm2-525Rear number plate fixing screw washer (plain)2
21150c.c. Swinging Arm2-1462Rear number plate fixing washer (spring)3
22150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5102Rear number plate fixing nut3
23150c.c. Swinging Arm67-6839Wiring grommet2
24150c.c. Swinging Arm42-9061Twin seat rear support bolt2
25150c.c. Swinging Arm2-923Twin seat fixing bolt washer (plain)4
26150c.c. Swinging Arm90-9161Twin seat rear support bracket1
27150c.c. Swinging Arm35-33Twin seat fixing bolt washer (spring)4
28150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5102Twin seat mudguard bolt nut2
29150c.c. Swinging Arm2-1462Twin seat mudguard bolt washer (spring)2
30150c.c. Swinging Arm27-8560Twin seat mudguard bolt washer2
31150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5612Twin seat mudguard bolt2
32150c.c. Swinging Arm21-6172Twin seat fixing hole filler bolt2
33150c.c. Swinging Arm27-8560Twin seat fixing hole filler bolt washer2
34150c.c. Swinging Arm2-1462Twin seat fixing hole filler bolt washer (spring)2
35150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5102Twin seat fixing hole filler bolt nut2
36150c.c. Swinging Arm90-6862Rear mudguard with fixed fittings1
37150c.c. Swinging Arm90-9166Toolbox complete with lid1
150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5102Toolbox securing screw nut2
150c.c. Swinging Arm27-8560Toolbox securing screw washer (plain)2
150c.c. Swinging Arm2-1462Toolbox securing screw washer (spring)2
150c.c. Swinging Arm15-7563Toolbox securing screw spacer1
150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5613Toolbox securing screw (bottom)1
38150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5612Toolbox securing screw (top)1
40150c.c. Swinging Arm90-9175Horn and rectifier cover complete1
41150c.c. Swinging Arm27-8560Horn and rectifier cover bolt washer (plain)1
42150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5611Horn and rectifier cover bolt (bottom)1
43150c.c. Swinging Arm2-1462Horn and rectifier cover bolt washer (spring)1
44150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5202Horn and rectifier cover bolt nut1
45150c.c. Swinging Arm24-8784Mudguard bottom bracket washer (spring)2
46150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5103Mudguard bottom bracket frame nut2
47150c.c. Swinging Arm90-6866Mudguard bottom bracket1
48150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5102Mudguard bottom bracket bolt nut2
49150c.c. Swinging Arm2-1462Mudguard bottom bracket bolt washer (spring)2
50150c.c. Swinging Arm2-525Mudguard bottom bracket bolt washer2
51150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5612Mudguard bottom bracket bolt2
52150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5103Mudguard and frame bridge bolt nut2
53150c.c. Swinging Arm24-8784Mudguard and frame bridge washer (spring)2
54150c.c. Swinging Arm2-923Mudguard and frame bridge bolt washer (plain)2
55150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5662Mudguard and frame bridge bolt2
56150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5668Mudguard stay fixing bolt (offside)1
57150c.c. Swinging Arm2-923Mudguard stay fixing bolt washer (plain)1
58150c.c. Swinging Arm24-8784Rear mudguard stay bolt washer (spring)2
59150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5103Rear mudguard stay bolt nut2
60150c.c. Swinging Arm90-6877Rear mudguard stay complete (nearside)1
61150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5103Rear mudguard stay bolt nut2
62150c.c. Swinging Arm24-8784Rear mudguard stay bolt washer (spring)2
63150c.c. Swinging Arm2-923Rear mudguard stay bolt washer (plain)2
64150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5671Rear mudguard stay frame bolt2
65150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5672Mudguard stay fixing bolt (nearside)1
66150c.c. Swinging Arm2-923Mudguard stay fixing bolt nut washer (plain)1
67150c.c. Swinging Arm2-2899Mudguard stay tube distance washer1
68150c.c. Swinging Arm24-8784Mudguard stay fixing bolt washer (spring)1
69150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5103Mudguard stay fixing bolt nut1
70150c.c. Swinging Arm90-6875Rear mudguard stay complete (offside)1
71150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5103Rear mudguard stay bolt nut (rear)2
72150c.c. Swinging Arm24-8784Mudguard stay rear fixing bolt washer (spring)2
73150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5662Mudguard stay rear fixing bolt2
74150c.c. Swinging Arm2-923Mudguard stay rear bolt washer2
75150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5103Chainguard rear fixing bolt nut1
76150c.c. Swinging Arm24-8784Chainguard rear fixing bolt washer1
77150c.c. Swinging Arm90-7720Chainguard1
78150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5842Chainguard front fixing bolt1
79150c.c. Swinging Arm27-8560Chainguard front fixing bolt washer (plain)1
80150c.c. Swinging Arm2-1462Chainguard front fixing bolt washer (spring)1
81150c.c. Swinging Arm90-7721Chainguard extension complete1
82150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5677Chainguard rear fixing bolt1
83150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5104Silencer support bolt nut1
84150c.c. Swinging Arm2-522Silencer support bolt washer (spring)1
85150c.c. Swinging Arm2-2138Silencer support bolt washer (plain)1
86150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5712Silencer support bolt1
150c.c. Swinging Arm90-3074Silencer complete1
87150c.c. Swinging Arm90-3075Silencer body complete1
88150c.c. Swinging Arm90-3063Silencer fixing clip "T" bolt1
89150c.c. Swinging Arm90-3061Silencer fixing clip complete with "T" bolt, "D" piece and nut1
90150c.c. Swinging Arm90-3064Silencer fixing clip "D" piece1
91150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5102Silencer fixing clip bolt nut1
92150c.c. Swinging Arm90-9182Rectifier bracket1
93150c.c. Swinging Arm2-49Rectifier bracket nut1
94150c.c. Swinging Arm24-8784Rectifier bracket washer (spring)1
150c.c. Swinging Arm90-9193Twin seat handrail1
150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5662Handrail mudguard bolt2
150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5103Handrail mudguard bolt nut2
150c.c. Swinging Arm2-923Handrail mudguard bolt washer (plain)2
150c.c. Swinging Arm36-382Handrail mudguard bolt washer (shakeproof)2
150c.c. Swinging Arm21-5669Handrail mudguard stay bolt (offside) (replaces mudguard bolt 21-5668)1