Plate 4


150c.c. (Swinging arm)
Plate Ref. Number.ModelsPart No.DescriptionNumber per set
1150c.c.90-4196Frame front complete1
2150c.c.90-4209Rear sub frame complete1
150c.c.90-4627Battery carrier complete1
3150c.c.42-4502Battery strap (top)1
4150c.c.90-4628Battery carrier platform complete1
5150c.c.21-5672Battery carrier securing bolt (short)1
6150c.c.21-5673Battery carrier securing bolt (long)1
7150c.c.2-923Battery carrier securing bolt washer2
8150c.c.24-8784Battery carrier securing bolt washer (spring)3
9150c.c.21-5103Battery carrier securing bolt nut3
10150c.c.42-4505Battery carrier swivel pin (plain)2
11150c.c.42-4503Battery strap (side)1
12150c.c.42-4506Battery carrier swivel pin (tapped)2
13150c.c.2-6537Battery strap bolt washer2
14150c.c.24-7343Battery strap bolt2
15150c.c.90-6870Carrier complete1
16150c.c.24-8784Rear sub frame top fixing bolt washer (spring)1
17150c.c.21-5103Rear sub frame top fixing bolt nut1
18150c.c.15-1120Rear saddle stud2
19150c.c.2-923Rear saddle stud washer (plain)4
20150c.c.24-8784Rear saddle stud washer (spring)2
21150c.c.2-49Rear saddle stud nut2
22150c.c.21-5669Carrier fixing bolt (offside)1
23150c.c.2-1733Rear suspension damper top bolt washer (plain)2
24150c.c.21-5720Rear suspension damper top fixing bolt2
25150c.c.21-5663Carrier fixing bolt (rear)2
26150c.c.21-5306Footrest rod nut2
27150c.c.3-107Footrest rod nut washer (spring)2
28150c.c.24-5914Footrest rubber locating washer (outside)2
29150c.c.90-4250Rear suspension damper unit complete2
30150c.c.90-4805Footrest rubber2
31150c.c.2-108Footrest rubber locating washer (inside)2
32150c.c.90-4826Footrest rod1
33150c.c.90-4810Footrest rod distance tube4
34150c.c.2-522Rear suspension damper top fixing bolt washer (spring)2
35150c.c.21-5104Rear suspension damper top bolt nut2
36150c.c.31-7011Horn stud1
37150c.c.21-5670Rear engine plate frame bolt2
38150c.c.2-923Rear engine plate frame top bolt washer (plain)4
39150c.c.90-4235Rear engine plate2
40150c.c.21-5662Central stand and brake pedal stop plate bolt1
41150c.c.24-8784Engine mounting top bolt washer (spring)2
42150c.c.21-5103Rear engine plate frame bolt nut2
43150c.c.90-4707Central stand and brake pedal stop plate1
44150c.c.21-5663Central stand and brake pedal stop plate bolt1
45150c.c.36-382Central stand and brake pedal stop plate bolt washer (shakeproof)1
46150c.c.90-4724Connecting link pivot clip1
47150c.c.35-705Connecting link pivot split pin1
48150c.c.90-4723Connecting link pivot1
49150c.c.2-923Rear sub frame top fixing bolt washer (plain)2
50150c.c.21-5676Rear sub frame top fixing bolt1
51150c.c.90-4236Rear sub frame locating tube (top)1
52150c.c.90-4716Central stand connecting link1
53150c.c.21-5102Engine mounting bottom bolt nut2
54150c.c.2-1462Engine mounting bottom bolt washer (spring)2
55150c.c.21-5103Engine mounting top bolt nut2
56150c.c.24-8784Engine mounting top bolt washer (spring)2
57150c.c.2-923Engine mounting top bolt washer (plain)4
58150c.c.21-5670Engine mounting top bolt2
59150c.c.65-4465Ball head cup2
60150c.c.28-2080Ball head grease nipple1
61150c.c.2-1374Engine mounting bottom bolt washer (plain)4
62150c.c.21-5620Engine mounting bottom bolt2
63150c.c.90-7008Rear brake pedal return spring1
64150c.c.90-7001Rear brake pedal complete1
65150c.c.90-7015Rear brake long rod1
66150c.c.35-704Rear brake pedal split pin3
67150c.c.2-525Rear brake pedal washer (plain)2
68150c.c.90-7016Rear brake rod short1
69150c.c.2-1462Rear brake operating link bolt washer (spring)1
70150c.c.21-6061Rear brake operating link bolt1
71150c.c.90-7017Rear brake operating link1
72150c.c.90-4708Central stand and brake pedal pivot sleeve1
73150c.c.21-5102Rear brake operating link bolt nut1
74150c.c.21-5750Rear sub frame bottom fixing bolt1
75150c.c.15-431Rear sub frame bottom fixing bolt washer (plain)1
76150c.c.90-4718Central stand spring1
77150c.c.90-4701Central stand complete1
78150c.c.21-5611Swinging arm fork spindle locking plate securing bolt1
79150c.c.2-1462Swinging arm fork spindle locking plate securing bolt washer (spring)1
80150c.c.90-4240Swinging arm fork spindle complete1
81150c.c.90-4727Central stand sleeve (offside)1
82150c.c.35-707Footrest rod nut split pin2
83150c.c.21-6320Rear mudguard bracket and frame stud2
84150c.c.90-4215Rear sub frame locating tube bottom1
85150c.c.15-716Rear sub frame bottom fixing bolt washer (spring)1
86150c.c.21-5105Rear sub frame bottom fixing bolt nut1
87150c.c.30-729Swinging arm fork spindle locking nut washer1
88150c.c.90-4232Swinging arm fork spindle locking nut1
89150c.c.90-4245Swinging arm complete with bushes1
90150c.c.2-46Pivot pin nut2
91150c.c.2-522Pivot pin washer (spring)2
92150c.c.24-6040Pillion footrest nut2
93150c.c.36-382Pillion footrest washer (shakeproof)2
94150c.c.2-1733Pivot pin washer (plain)2
95150c.c.90-4242Pivot pin washer (large)2
96150c.c.90-4841Pillion footrest anchor bolt (nearside)1
97150c.c.65-4917Pillion footrest anchor bolt (offside)1
98150c.c.2-46Pillion footrest anchor bolt nut2
99150c.c.2-522Pillion footrest anchor bolt washer (spring)2
100150c.c.24-5914Footrest rubber locating washer (outside)2
101150c.c.29-7564Pillion footrest bolt2
102150c.c.29-7581Pillion footrest2
103150c.c.29-7583Pillion footrest rubber2
104150c.c.90-7006Rear brake rod adjusting nut1
105150c.c.65-6274Rear brake lever swivel pin1
106150c.c.15-1312Rear brake rod spring1
107150c.c.21-5102Rear brake rod nut1