Plate 5


125c.c Standard (Rigid and Spring Frame)
Plate Ref. Number.ModelsPart No.DescriptionNumber per set
125c.c.90-5116Front fork complete (battery lighting)1
1125c.c.90-5539Steering stem cover1
2125c.c.90-9011Bulb horn unit (when direct lighting is fitted)1
3125c.c.90-5069Fork tube bush4
4125c.c.90-5068Fork bush distance tube2
5125c.c.90-5060Fork spring2
6125c.c.90-5079Fork shock absorber (rubber) (1954/5)2
7125c.c.90-5031Fork top scroll2
8125c.c.67-6851Headlamp beading1
9125c.c.21-5102Top yoke plate nut (required when speedo is not fitted)2
10125c.c.29-541Top yoke plate washer (required when speedo is not fitted)2
11125c.c.90-5036Top yoke plate (required when speedo is not fitted)1
12125c.c.21-5401Top yoke plate bolt (1954/5) (required when speedo is not fitted)2
12125c.c.21-5611Top yoke plate bolt (1956) (required when speedo is not fitted)2
13125c.c.42-9009Headlamp cowl speedo grommet (rubber)1
14125c.c.90-5102Headlamp mounting complete1
15125c.c.90-5028Fork tube top nut washer2
16125c.c.90-5027Fork tube top nut2
17125c.c.66-4707Fork top scroll washer2
18125c.c.21-5104Fork top scroll nut2
19125c.c.90-5049Fork top yoke1
20125c.c.90-5046Handlebar seating2
21125c.c.65-5333Handlebar clip2
22125c.c.15-5155Handlebar clip bolt washer4
23125c.c.90-5082Handlebar clip bolt4
24125c.c.3/16" dia.Steering head balls48
25125c.c.65-5319Steering head ball race cone2
26125c.c.90-5017Steering stem nut1
27125c.c.90-5035Steering stem locknut1
28125c.c.90-5050Steering stem plug (required when bulb horn is not fitted)1
29125c.c.21-5103Top yoke clamp bolt nut1
30125c.c.15-5155Top yoke clamp bolt washer2
31125c.c.21-5462Top yoke clamp bolt (1954/5)1
31125c.c.21-5672Top yoke clamp bolt (1956)1
32125c.c.36-382Handlebar clip bolt washer4
33125c.c.21-5103Handlebar clip bolt nut4
34125c.c.90-5004Bottom yoke1
35125c.c.90-5018Bottom yoke clamp stud2
36125c.c.90-5052Headlamp bracket and bottom yoke clamp stud nut2
37125c.c.90-5044Fork tube oil seal2
38125c.c.90-5067Fork tube nut2
39125c.c.90-5095Fork outer tube complete2
40125c.c.90-5081Fork leg gaiter2
41125c.c.90-5107Headlamp mounting distance rubber4
42125c.c.90-5019Fork sliding tube complete (right-hand)1
43125c.c.90-5096Fork tube bottom nut retaining clip2
44125c.c.1-6033Fork tube grease nipple washer2
45125c.c.28-2080Fork tube grease nipple2
46125c.c.90-5110Fork sliding tube complete (left-hand)1