Plate 7


150c.c. (Swinging Arm and Spring Frame)
Plate Ref. Number.ModelsPart No.DescriptionNumber per set
150c.c. Spring90-5111Front fork complete (Wico Pacy battery lighting)1
150c.c. Spring90-5112Front fork complete (direct lighting)1
150c.c. Swinging arm90-5124Front fork complete (battery lighting)1
150c.c. Swinging arm90-5123Front fork complete (direct lighting)1
1150c.c. Spring29-5138Front fork bottom yoke1
1150c.c. Swinging arm90-5125Front fork bottom yoke1
2150c.c.36-7926Front fork bottom yoke clamp bolt2
3150c.c.65-5320Steering head ballrace cone (bottom)1
4150c.c.3/16" dia.Steering head balls48
5150c.c. Spring21-5513Front fork top yoke clamp bolt1
5150c.c. Swinging arm21-5720Front fork top yoke clamp bolt1
6150c.c. Spring2-49Handlebar securing cap stud nut4
6150c.c. Swinging arm67-302Handlebar securing cap stud nut4
7150c.c.36-382Handlebar securing cap stud lockwasher4
8150c.c.29-5137Front fork top yoke1
9150c.c.90-5028Fork outer tube top nut washer2
10150c.c.29-5120Handlebar securing cap with studs (battery lighting)1
10150c.c.90-5098Handlebar securing cap with studs (direct lighting)1
11150c.c.29-5144Fork outer tube top nut cap2
12150c.c.29-5143Fork outer tube top nut2
13150c.c.29-5291Steering stem adjusting sleeve cap (battery lighting)1
13150c.c.90-5099Steering stem adjusting sleeve cap (direct lighting)1
14150c.c.21-5104Front fork top yoke clamp bolt nut1
15150c.c.2-2138Front fork top yoke clamp bolt washer1
16150c.c.29-5290Steering stem adjusting sleeve1
17150c.c.42-9009Headlamp mounting bracket cable grommet1
18150c.c.67-6851Headlamp beading (rubber)1
19150c.c.29-5132Headlamp mounting complete1
20150c.c.20-5146Headlamp mounting bracket distance sleeve2
21150c.c.21-5104Front fork spring scroll nut2
22150c.c.66-4707Front fork spring scroll nut lockwasher2
23150c.c.90-5031Front fork spring scroll2
24150c.c.90-5078Front fork spring2
25150c.c.90-5079Front fork shock absorber (rubber)2
26150c.c.90-5109Front fork sliding tube (right-hand)1
27150c.c.90-5068Front fork tube bush distance tube2
28150c.c.90-5069Front fork tube bush2
29150c.c.90-5110Front fork sliding tube (left-hand)1
30150c.c.90-5081Front fork tube gaiter2
31150c.c.29-5140Front fork outer tube2
32150c.c.29-5134Headlamp mounting bracket distance rubber2
33150c.c.65-5321Steering head dust cap1
34150c.c.65-5319Steering head ballrace cone (top)1
35150c.c.90-5128Steering head lock1
36150c.c.90-5067Front fork tube bottom nut2
37150c.c.90-5044Front fork oil seal2
38150c.c.90-5096Front fork tube bottom nut retaining clip2
39150c.c.29-541Front fork tube grease nipple lockwasher2
40150c.c.28-2080Front fork tube grease nipple2
150c.c.90-9126Bulb horn (direct lighting)1